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Shah Rukh Khan's daughter ready to act, showing off her style in college play

It is not hidden from anyone that Sahana Khan wants to become an actor like her father Shah Rukh Khan. We have all seen that often pictures from Sahana's school and college play go viral. Now a picture of Sahana Khan from a college play is going viral.

This photo is from the New York Film Academy play, in which Sahana Khan participated. In this picture you can see Sahana dancing. He is wearing a hat like Charlie Chaplin and is wearing black pants with white baldness.

Please tell that Shah Rukh's daughter, Sahana Khan, graduated from Ardgli College in London some time ago. After graduating from college, Sahana enrolled at the New York Film Academy and is now studying there.

Shah Rukh Khan accompanied his wife Gori to attend Saimana's graduation class in college. Sahana was also given an award for her contribution to the theater. Shah Rukh Khan took photos and took pride in his daughter's success.

Moreover, Shah Rukh Khan has talked in many interviews about his daughter Sahana's dream of becoming an actress. While Shah Rukh says that he supports Sahana's dream, he also says that Sahana has to complete his education before signing his first project.

Tell us that where Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Sahana wants to become an actress, her son Aryan Khan has no interest in acting. Aryan is training to become a director in the United States.

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